Billís gates is committed to providing a first class friendly and professional service to all of our customers.

All of our work is conducted in a professional manner and we aim to minimise the obstruction to you while we carry out our work.

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Automated Electric Gate Installation

We offer the installation of automated electric gates and manual gates. If you have existing manual gates then our CAME approved installers will be able to advise you on the best way to automate them , for those of you without existing gates it is possible to have bespoke gates made to your specification installed to fit your driveway.

We Don't Just Do Gates

Bill's gates have a list of trusted tradesmen that we work with, we are therefore happy to carry out brickwork, driveways and fencing work.

Gate Repairs

As part of keeping ygates legal and safe it is the reponsibility of the end user to have their gates service, the number of visits and regularity of these depends on the usage of the gates. Bill's gates like to build ongoing relationships with their customers and we are happy to carry out your the servicing and repairs to you gates regarless of who fitted them. We can provide repairs for breakdowns, accidental damage and even break-in attempts. If your gates need repairing then give us a call and one of our CAME approved electric gate installers will be happy to book you in as soon as possible.

Gate Servicing

Having your electric gates serviced regularly is an important part of ensuring that your gates have a long and trouble free lifespan. We are happy to service any of our gate installations or those installed by others. You can rely on us to ensure that your gates are in top working order.

Electric Gate Installation

Why have Gates

Gates are a fantastic way to add security and privacy to your property, properly installed gates are strong and secure and can prevent burglars or opportunistic thieves from entering your property. Solid gates can provide the front of your property with a high level of privacy so you can enjoy your home in peace. When a car is parked inside of your gates it is much safer from criminals and an intercom system will allow you control who has access to your property. Another advantage of having gates is that they can be very useful for keeping children and animals on the property and away from busy roads.

Stylish Driveway Gates Photo

Gates can also provide a stylish and attractive entrance to your home which can have a positive effect on the price of the property and attractive to potential buyers.

Why have your Gates Automated?

Automated electric gates provide a convenient way to enter your property and eliminate the physical effort associated with traditional manual gates. The remote control access system allows you to control your gates without needing to leave your car; this can be particularly helpful at night or in poor weather conditions. An intercom system connected to your gates can allow you to easily turn away uninvited callers.